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Name: Connor
Age: 16
Single?: Yup
Location: NY
Urban Area You Hang In: Union Square Park/C-Squat/Thompkins Square Park
Favorite places to go: Shows...friends apartments...parks at night...squats....
10 Favorite bands
1. Leftover Crack
2. Choking Victim
3. Vice Squad
4. Cockney Rejects
5. Oi Scouts
6. Black Flag
7. No Cash
8. Oi Polloi
9. The Exploited
Best Album Released: Die For Your Goverment - Anti Flag (dont like them as much anymore, but they were my roots)
Best Show: Cracktober Fest...November 5th...Leftover Crack...riot in the city.
Your Greatest Accomplishment (pertaining to this community):
What do you think about:
-Sid Vicious: drugged out poser...sex pistols suck, they were put together by a bondage clothing company to help promote their clothes....fuck.
-Johnny Thunders: cool
-Peace Punk: all for it, but i get some weird pleasure breaking car/building windows
-Punk becoming a Trend: fuckin stupid. you can always tell a real punk from someone who just dresses it.
Promote us to atleast 2 sources (user or community) and post the links:http://www.livejournal.com/community/1_pothead_lane/   ...   http://www.livejournal.com/community/leftover__crack/

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