Defiant Youth (justatxpunk) wrote in urban_rebels,
Defiant Youth


Shit! Last night was fun as fuck, my car never felt so comfortable after 36 hours w/ no sleep, yeah i slept in my can IN MONTROSE and no I did NOT get raped so ill do that this thing in the info for you to get to know me.

Name: Andreas

Age: 16
Single?: Hopefully won't be soon
Location: H-TOWN
Urban Area You Hang In: Montrose, 5th Ward (when oxbloods was open), Downtown
Favorite places to go: Numbers(friday's), all the Montrose shops(visit my woking friends, as i reamain jobless), LATE NIGHT PIE!, My friends Apartments
10 Favorite bands
1. Bad Brains
2. Verbal Abuse
3. Souixie and the Banshees
4. The Havoc
5. Slaughter and the Dogs
6. The Germs
7. Broken Bones
8. Contravene
9. Motley Crue
10. Blood Brothers (jake you got me hooked w/ that song)
Best Album Released: either Bad Brains-Black dots or Verbal Abuse - Just an American Band/Live in 84
Best Show: D.R.I./Verbal Abuse
Your Greatest Accomplishment (pertaining to this community): um, me and LJ (Johnny Switchblade) punching signs for telling ust ot do shit
What do you think about:
-Sid Vicious: Wortheless
-Johnny Thunders: Amazing Guitarist
-Peace Punk: Hell Yes
-Punk becoming a Trend: It needs to stop but it won't, so Im not gonna bitch about it
Promote us to atleast 2 sources (user or community) and post the links: Fuck that i own you

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