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Name: Nessa
Age: 16
Single?: fuck yeah
Location: amherst, MA... the worst fucking place ever
Urban Area You Hang In: Boston
Favorite places to go: Harvard square, "the pit"
10 Favorite bands
1. Leftover Crack
2. Choking Victim
3. A Global Threat
4. Toxic Narcotic
5. The Germs
6. Reagan Youth
7. Black Flag
8. GG Allin
9. Pig Destroyer
10. Anti-heros
Best Album Released: Leftover Crack - Mediocre Generica
Best Show: Subhumans/toxic narcotic/the unseen, that was a fucking amazing show... But leftover crack was really good too.. so i'd have to say both of those
Your Greatest Accomplishment (pertaining to this community): i have no fucking clue what that is supposed to mean
What do you think about:
-Sid Vicious: i heard he had no opinions of his own... he's also a really bad bassist
-Johnny Thunders: I don't know anything about johnny thunders, all i know is that one song "born to lose" but everyone knows that song.
-Peace Punk: I have no problem with it, I don't really have a problem with any kind of punk, besides those annoying glam 77 kids. NOT SAYING I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH 77, because i'm pretty big fan of the germs, but glam kids just suck.
-Punk becoming a Trend: it HAS been a trend, for a really long time, we might as well just get over it. Trendy fucks are going to exist. Who cares about them? do your own thing and ignore those assholes.
Promote us to atleast 2 sources (user or community) and post the links: hot_fuckin_punx, ismashthescene
Post 3+ Pics

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