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Name: Brieanna
Age: 14
Single?: Yeah.
Location: Pennsylvania
Urban Area You Hang In: Sick City (Philadelphia)
Favorite places to go: FDR shows, Halfway House (Global Chaos's band house/venue), NYC, north Jersey, South Street, the squats in West Philly (Your Mom's & 38 Special), etc.
10 Favorite bands
1. Crucial Unit
2. Municipal Waste
3. Oi Polloi
4. Lower Class Brats
5. JFA
6. Peter and the Test Tube Babies
7. Judge Dread
8. GG Allin
9. Exploited
10. Crass
Best Album Released: Ever? No clue. Right now, my favorite is Hardcore Hooligan by the Business.
Best Show: hmm... the Exploited, Subhumans, or Midnight Creeps.
Your Greatest Accomplishment (pertaining to this community): Took the train to NYC. Ended up getting lost after walking around. Squatted.... on the sidewalk, without getting killed/raped/etc. Oh, yeah, and majorly fucking up a church when I was sent to fucking Salt Lake City.
What do you think about:
-Sid Vicious:
I don't like Sid Vicious. He was a heroin addict, and the Sex Pistols never "started" punk.
-Johnny Thunders: I fucking LOVE Johnny Thunders. I can only say one thing: amazing.
-Peace Punk: Some of it's alright, but I think some is bullshit, too. Depends on who it is.
-Punk becoming a Trend: Eh..I agree, it's shitty, but it'll go away in time. Kids will move onto another thing just like they've moved from rap to emo to so-and-so. Why worry about it?
Promote us to atleast 2 sources (user or community) and post the links: http://www.livejournal.com/users/deadkennedys99/19939.html?view=80611#t80611 and http://www.livejournal.com/users/automaticxlover/10254.html?view=68878#t68878
Post 3+ Pics

Everyone loves bright pink eyeshadow.

Just the back of my jacket.

She's the love of my life, 'cause boys & girls both kinda suck. And.. her name is Pogo.

I never found anything good, haha.
Sorry it's so dark.
It's true.
Uhh, yeah.
And I'll eat yer fuckin brains.
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